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Citroën Indonesia Presents New Ë-c3 All Electric and All - New C3 Aircross SUV in Bandung
Citroën Indonesia Presents New Ë-c3 All Electric and All - New C3 Aircross Suv in Bandung

BANDUNG, Indonesia, 7 November 2023 – Citroën Indonesia, through PT Indomobil National Distributor, the official distributor of the Citroën brand in Indonesia, launched the New Citroën Ë-C3 all electric and introduced the All-New Citroën C3 Aircross SUV to consumers in Bandung, West Java through an exhibition which took place from 7 to 12 November 2023. This model along with other Citroën product lines such as the C3, C5 Aircross and the future car Citroën AMI Buggy are on display at Atrium 23, Paskal Shopping Center, Jl. Pasir Kaliki, Bandung.


Citroën provides various vehicle choices that provide freedom of mobility for Indonesian consumers based on the 4 pillars of the Citroën brand, namely: Simple, Sustainable, Comfortable and Online. The launch of the New Citroën Ë-C3 all electric is also in line with the Indonesian government's policy to create a carbon-free future for Indonesia through electrification technology. In his remarks, Tan Kim Piauw, Chief Executive Officer, PT Indomobil National Distributor, said that, "The launch of The New Citroën Ë-C3 all electric today, also confirms our commitment to provide vehicles that support the government's plans to encourage increased use of electric vehicles. "The use of electric cars is expected to be one solution to the issue of environmental pollution caused by vehicle carbon emissions which cause air pollution, especially air pollution that occurs in big cities."


Furthermore, Tan Kim Piauw added that Citroën dares to be different by preparing various model choices that focus on customer needs and comfort. "Currently, Citroën Indonesia offers a variety of choices to suit customer tastes and needs, from petrol cars to full-electric cars to support users during their daily activities, which is driven by the promise of "Dare to Care".. We "We are confident that the range of products we are currently presenting will answer the various mobility needs of individual people in the city of Bandung in particular and West Java in general."


The All-New Citroën C3 Aircross is a 7-seater SUV that introduces a new dimension to the brand, as seen by generous interior space for all passengers. Developed with the concept of looking tough on the outside but comfortable on the inside, this model is the perfect 7-passenger vehicle for families and for those who enjoy going on exciting trips with a group of friends.


Built for greater mobility comfort, Citroën cars in the current product range are equipped with the Citroën Advanced Comfort feature which emphasizes “Flying Carpet Ride” and “Cocoon Effect”.


The New Citroën Ë-C3 All Electric, Tawarkan Gaya Hidup Elektrifikasi dengan #EXPRESSYOURËSTYLE


The new Citroën C3 is designed to be a reflection of its owner's young and dynamic personality. Compact dimensions, practicality, comfort and connectivity are a combination offered in one vehicle package that also offers customization to express the owner's lifestyle. And now, with the presence of the Citroën Ë-C3, young and progressive consumers get a unique lifestyle choice with a touch of electrification that is much more energy cost efficient and environmentally friendly when carrying out daily activities.


The New Citroën Ë-C3, which received the nickname THE GAME CHANGER, really attracted the attention of visitors at the last GAIKINDO INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW 2O23 Exhibition. With a dynamic appearance and comfort because it uses 100% DC fast charging, all electrified comfort is available in The New Citroën Ë-C3.


As offered in previous Citroën products, the Citroën Ë-C3 also adopts all the benefits of Citroën Advanced Comfort to increase comfort for all. There are at least 9 advantages of the Citroën Ë-C3 that consumers can experience:


  • 320 KM RANGE IN A SINGLE CHARGE – Citroën Ë-C3 can cover a distance of up to 320 km on one battery charge to full condition

  • 100% DC FAST CHARGING FOR QUICK CHARGING & WORRY-FREE DRIVE – the Citroën Ë-C3 battery can be charged via a DC fast-charging station from 10% to 80% in just 57 minutes

  • 26cm CITROËN CONNECT TOUCHSCREEN WITH WIRELESS MIRROR LINK – The 10 inch touch screen has wireless connectivity capabilities via Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM.

  • 3 ACCESSORY PACKS WITH 47 CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS – with the tagline #ExpressYourËStyle you can choose various personal customization packages to show your electrified lifestyle.

  • LIVE ELEVATED – with an attractive 5-door SUV style design, with the highest ground clearance of 170mm in its class providing a greater sense of security and confidence when driving in various road conditions.

  • 29.2kWh BATTERY PACK WITH REGENERATIVE BRAKING – the battery will always be charged as long as you press the brake pedal on the Citroën Ë-C3.

  • ADVANCED COMFORT with suspension comfort like driving on a flying carpet (Flying Carpet Ride) and the silence of the cabin space which creates calm like being in a cocoon (Cocoon Effect)

  • TROPICALIZED AC – cabin cooling system designed to suit tropical regions for comfort while driving.

  • HAPPY SPACE – driving comfort with spacious cabin space for the comfort of 5 passengers.


The Citroën Ë-C3 has an efficient engine, free of CO2 emissions and offers a range of 320 km (ARAI MIDC 1 Certified) for 100% electric driving pleasure. The electric motor offers up to 57 PS of power and 143 Nm of torque which is immediately available for acceleration. The result is that 0 – 60 km/h can be reached in 6.8 seconds and the top speed is limited to 107 km/h.


The single-speed automatic transmission can be operated via a unique E-Toggle transmission button, plus there is a choice of ECO and STANDARD driving modes that can be adjusted to suit the driver's needs. As a source of energy storage, this car uses a 29.2 kWh Li-Ion battery. By using DC fast charging, 10% to 80% charging can be done in 57 minutes.




On the after-sales service side, Citroën currently provides:



  • Emergency services for cars on roads with special conditions

  • Free towing service based on ERA recommendations



  • Ready 24 hours to provide information and services including information about products, sales and after-sales services. Ongoing sales programs and exhibitions or activities.

  • Provides information regarding dealer locations.

  • Help handle complaints about products and services.

  • Help arrange vehicle service schedules at the specified dealer.

  • Assisting with coordination with Citroën ERA.

  • Citroën Call Center 24 hours at 14023 or email: care@Citroē


Apart from that, currently a Citroën spare parts center has been built at the Indomobil Parts Center which is located in the industrial area of ​​Bukit Indah City, Cikampek, West Java. And Citroën Indonesia offers free service for 4 years or 50,000 kilometers for models that use gasoline and 5 years or 70,000 kilometers for battery-based electric vehicle models, a standard vehicle warranty of 3 years or 100,000 km (whichever comes first) .


Citroën Indonesia is providing attractive promotions during the exhibition, such as special discounts and free window film for purchasing New C3 M/T units, free LED Headlamp Bulb, LED Foglamp and window film for purchasing The New EC3 units and free window film for purchasing C5 Aircross units.


Various Citroën products can be seen by visiting the 3S Citroën Bandung Dealer located on Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 382 Bandung  with telephone number (022) 5207777 which operates Monday – Saturday from 08.00 to 17.30 (showroom) Monday – Friday 08.00 – 16.30 and Saturday 08.00 – 15.00 (workshop).