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Citroën officially entered the Indonesian market

JAKARTA, Indonesia, 4 October 2022 – Stellantis N.V., the parent company of Automobiles Citroën, has appointed Indomobil Group to operate Citroën’s business in Indonesia, the partners announced in Jakarta today. The partnership agreement designates Indomobil as sole distributor of the Citroën brand in Indonesia and includes the planned introduction of Citroën vehicles to Indonesia starting in 2023.


The Partnership Agreement, signed on 20 April 2021, stipulates that PT. Indomobil Wahana Trada, a subsidiary of Indomobil Group, will handle the distribution and sale of Citroën products in Indonesia.


Andrew Nasuri, Head of Business Development Indomobil Group; Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroën, and Stellantis' Carl Smiley, Chief Operating Officer for the India and Asia Pacific region, attended a ceremony held in central Jakarta to announce the Citroën brand coming to Indonesia.


Andrew Nasuri said in his speech that, “We are extremely proud to announce the strategic partnership of Indomobil and Stellantis that will introduce and develop the Citroën brand in Indonesia. Through Indomobil Wahana Trada, we will market their stylish vehicles and offer reliable aftersales service to further establish the brand here.


“This appointment marks a milestone that reflects the strong partnership between the Stellantis Group and the Indomobil Group as we inaugurate this business,” he went on to say.


Citroën is a French car brand established in 1919 by Andre Citroën. True to its three key values, humanity, well-being and audacity, Citroën is committed to providing outstanding customer experience by delivering clever solutions through product and technology innovation. A benchmark in terms of comfort, Citroën products will be complemented by services that bring peace of mind and well-being to its customers.


Vincent Cobée said, “I am pleased to be a part of Citroën's launch in Indonesia. Citroën strongly believes that mobility should be accessible to everyone and we want to offer more options that provide freedom of mobility to the people of Indonesia.”


“We are confident that Citroën in Indonesia will become known as the brand that “Dares to Care”; caring for the well-being of our customers, caring for their comfort, and caring to provide them best in class digital and trouble-free experiences,” explained Cobée.


The automotive market in Indonesia has bright prospects in the coming years. With this strategic partnership, Citroën -- as a European carmaker -- will offer more stylish, high-quality vehicles that will enliven the automotive market in Indonesia. Citroën will be supported by Indomobil’s extensive reach through its official dealer network and service workshops. Indomobil also has deep experience and expertise in developing brands with successful long-term strategies.


Carl Smiley from Stellantis said, “Indomobil is an established and valuable partner, having a track record of success stories with global automotive brands. More importantly, Indomobil has the expertise and long experience in the local automotive industry and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. These are the qualities Stellantis looked for in partner to help us launch Citroën in Indonesia, which is part of our larger strategy for growth in the region under the 'Dare Forward 2030' global plan."


Stellantis, Citroën, and Indomobil, as partners in this new business endeavor, are committed to make the presence of Citroën in Indonesia a shining success. Towards that aim, the companies will work together in the coming years to make that goal a reality.