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Electric for all


Electric driving for everyone inspired by you all


And it's far from over!

Since 1919, Citroën has been a key player in the democratisation of the automobile for the general public. Today, the brand is pursuing this path in the era of electric mobility by making it accessible to all.

Your mobility needs are changing and green mobility is becoming more and more important to you, so Citroën had to turn on the lights! The century-old brand is now offering a choice of energy with, depending on the model, 100% electric or rechargeable hybrid engines, inspired by YOU, by the way you live your daily car life.


Plug-in hybrid

Do you take short journeys during the week but want to get away from it all at the weekend?  The plug-in hybrid was made for you.  The C5 Aircross SUV allows you to travel up to 31 miles in 100% electric mode, but also to switch to combustion mode for long journeys. 

100% electric

Do you mainly make short everyday trips and have easy access to an electric vehicle charging solution on your route?  Do you want to save money and be environmentally responsible? Opt for a 100% electric vehicle!


Citroen shows you everything you need to know about the autonomy of plug-in electric or hybrid cars.


How do you charge your electric or hybrid vehicle? 

To find out all about daily charging, discover the charging solutions available. 


Directly via your smartphone

Check the range, program the vehicle's charging and thermal preconditioning, all from the comfort of your sofa via the My Citroën app.

Plan your long journeys taking into account battery life and other important factors via Charge My Car*.


*Available on the Free2move app

Locate the charging points compatible with your vehicle anywhere in Europe via Charge My Car*.


*Available on the Free2move app


●  8 year or 160.000 km warranty for the traction battery (3 years ou 40.000 km for AMI),

●  Citroën Assistance: Driving with complete peace of mind 24/7,

●  Ë-Expert center: our experts will take care of your vehicle and will answer any questions you may have,

●  Ë-Service Contract (recommanded): All maintenance operations, parts and services are included,

●  Approved charging solution (recommanded): a complete Wall Box range installed by professionnals,

●  Mobility solution offered in all cases,

●  Continuous software updates to deliver the best driving experience,

●  80% charging of the vehicle with each operation (servicing appointment),

●  Online quotation and appointment: reserve your appointment and calculate your after-sales services,

●  Your car is cleaned on each visit.



Is the electric car really cheaper than petrol or diesel?

The switch to electricity is a source of savings on a daily basis.


Example of comparative cost for the New Citroen C4 and C4 100% electric for 100 km of driving:

● 2.4 € in Citroen-C4 100%  ëlectric, 

● 8 in Citroen C4 (thermal).


Cost of using Citroen vehicles (based on an electricity price of 0.15 euros/kW per 100 km of driving:

● AMI :1,1 €

● C5 Aircross PHEV : 3,5 €

● ë-C4 : 2,4 €

● ë-Jumpy/ë-SpaceTourer (230km) : 3,6 €

● ë-Jumpy/ë-SpaceTourer (340km) : 3,8 €

● ë-Jumper (200km): 3,3 €

● ë-Jumper (340km): 3,8 €

Is the maintenance of an electric vehicle more or less expensive than that of a thermal vehicle?

The cost of using an electric vehicle (excluding energy) is about 30% cheaper than a thermal vehicle (includes the extension of warranty periodic maintenance and wear parts).


For 100% electric vehicles, maintenance is simplified: no draining operation, no replacement of oil filters, clutch, etc.


Workshop visits are less frequent: once every 2 years or 25,000 km after the revision of the first year.


Our service contract integrates the complete maintenance of the vehicle including the battery.

Is the insurance of an electric vehicle more or less expensive than that of a thermal vehicle?

The insurance of an electric vehicle can be up to 10% cheaper than that of an equivalent thermal vehicle.

What is the cost of installing a charging station at home? Do there are any aids?

When installing a charging station in your home you can benefit from help and support from a partner selected by Citroen: ZEborne for the installation of a charging station in a single-family home and Zeplug for condominiums. The installation cost will vary depending on the type of installation selected (enhanced plug/Wall box) and the type of contract proposed.

Example for the installation of a Wall box in a detached house:

you benefit from VAT at 5.5% if the accommodation > 2 years and a tax reduction of 300 euros on the Wall box.

● Installing cost of a Wall box and recharge in France: 1.195

€541 HT: Wall Box - €249 TTC Cable 3-star mode

€373 HT: Installation

to which you have to deduct a tax reduction of 300 euros.

● Installation price of a reinforced Green'up socket: 260 euros with installation via our recommended partner ZEborne.

How much aid can I receive?

In France, when buying an electric or hybrid vehicle whether you are private or professional you can benefit from different aids to significantly reduce the actual cost of purchasing these vehicles.

For individuals:

● Ecology Bonus,

● No Malus,

● The ability to access an additional conversion bonus,

● Additional regional aid, including free or reduced grey cards,

● €300 in assistance for the installation of a charging station.


For professionals benefit:

● Ecology Bonus,

● Exemption from the Company Vehicle Tax (STV),

● Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimization,

● Contribution to the CO2 reduction of your fleet,

● Benefits with depreciation caps.

Find all the aids available on

Can I park for free in public parking spaces?

Parking a 100% electric vehicle is free in some cities and at preferential rates in others.

Do motorways offer preferential rates?

The company of Télépéage T offers a reduced rate through the electric LIBER-T offer of BIP 

& GO : 

● Discounted toll subscription, valid for 100% electric vehicles,

& GO : 

● 40 euros, including 15 euros per year for 2 years and 10 euros for badge activation.


How far can I travel with my electric vehicle?

The question of autonomy on a daily basis, whether on short or long journeys, arises in the choice of an electric vehicle.

Citroen offers you to respond to them through a varied range to meet your needs.

The range of our vehicles is given according to the WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures) protocol which gives users a more accurate and realistic view of the autonomy values according to the actual use of the vehicle.



In WLTP cycle

Up to 55 km: C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV and up to 650 km in thermal mode

Up to 75 km: Citroen AMI 100% ëlectric

Up to 260 km: Citroen-Jumper 100% ëlectric

Up to 275 km: Citroen-Berlingo Van 100% ëlectric

Up to 330 km: Citroen-SpaceTourer 100% ëlectric

Citroen-Jumpy 100% ëlectric

Up to 350 km: Citroen 100% ëlectric


For more details on the autonomy of a particular vehicle, explore the dedicated vehicle pages. Vehicle technical sheets are also available for download.


You should also know that the actual range of your vehicle also depends on several factors:

● Speed,

● The use of heating, air conditioning,

● Your driving style,

● The load carried.

What are the factors that have the greatest impact on the range of an electric vehicle?

There are mainly 5 factors that impact the range of an electric vehicle:

● Speed: The faster you drive, the more electricity you consume. At 130km / h the range is divided by 2. Superchargers are available on the motorway network. Time for a coffee break, a lunch and you can recover up to 80% autonomy in about 30 minutes.

● Temperature:

        ø Air conditioning / Heating: There is a loss of autonomy of 10 to 30% depending on the model.

It is recommended to program the heating or air conditioning before taking the wheel, as long as it is plugged in. Thermal preconditioning is possible from your smartphone via the My Citroën application.

        ø Cold: Loss of autonomy of about 5% when the outside temperatures are below 0 ° C.

● Driving Style: A loss of range of around 10% has been observed with sporty driving.

● The load transported: The more your vehicle is loaded (luggage, cargo), the less its autonomy will be important.

● Wear: Loss of about 10% to 15% after 5 years of use or 75,000 km. At Citroën, the battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km at the 1st expiry and it is guaranteed for a charge of 70% of its capacity.

What should I do if the planned trip is greater than the range of my vehicle? 

If you want to make a long trip with your electric vehicle, all you have to do is go to the Free2Move application and subscribe to the Charge My Car offer (€ 4.99 / month, this offer is offered for 1 year to customers. ë-C4 100% ëlectric at the time of vehicle purchase).

From your smartphone, you plan your trip which specifies:

● The number of stops to plan,

● The recharging time required at each stop,

● The estimated cost of the trip. 

Can we recover energy while driving? 

For 100% electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, a Brake mode is available:

● It allows energy to be recovered during deceleration phases,

● Brake mode, associated with smooth driving, can optimize range by 20% in the city. 

How do I check the range of my vehicle?

In an electric vehicle, like a conventional thermal, the electric range is verified as follows:

For a 100% electric vehicle:

● The autonomy is displayed next to the speedometer,

● The autonomy is calculated in real time taking into account the various factors liable to impact.


For a plug-in hybrid vehicle:

● The meter displays the remaining electrical and thermal autonomy on a single screen,

● A blue light located on the rearview mirror lets you know when you are in 100% electric mode.


You can also check, remotely, at any time the level of autonomy as well as the state of charge of your vehicle, thanks to the My Citroën app. 


How and where do I charge my car?

Whether at home, in the office, on outings near you or on longer trips, there are many charging solutions available.


At home, it is the most used charging solution: with this charging solution, take advantage of the night to recover all your autonomy. On a socket or on a Wall box, it's up to you to choose according to the kms you cover daily, your charging possibilities outside, the one that best meets your needs.

Citroën supports you from the audit to the installation of a charging solution with our partners ZEborne or Zeplug.


At the office: for individuals, ask your company about the possibilities of recharging in the parking lot of your workplace.

For professionals, get support from our partners in the diagnosis and installation of charging stations depending on the size of your electric fleet, your autonomy needs, ...


You can also find charging solutions more and more easily in the street: in town when you go out, in the car parks of shopping centers or supermarkets, ... The Charge My Car service available on the Free2Move app will allow you locate the available terminals, guide you through them and facilitate payment.


And on the motorway network, you can benefit from fast charging stations allowing you to quickly recover a lot of autonomy. 

How can we locate a charging station? 

When on the go, it is very easy to locate a public charging station on your mobile phone. All you have to do is go to the Free2Move application and subscribe to the Charge My Car offer (€ 4.99 / month , this offer is offered for 1 year to 100% electric ë-C4 customers at the time of vehicle purchase).

● Location of more than 220,000 charging points of the local partner network and compatible with your 100% electric or hybrid vehicle. It is the largest network of charging points in Europe,

● For 100% electric vehicles, you can also plan your longest journeys: route calculation including stopping at the charging stations.

How long does it take to charge my car?

The charging time depends on several factors such as the power of the battery, but especially the type of installation chosen.

Several types of terminals, domestic or public, exist with several power levels. To find out all about the different charging solutions available and the charging time, browse the dedicated page.

For each vehicle, you have a charging time simulator available in the dedicated vehicle pages, use it to help you better choose the solution that best meets your needs.


Some examples :

C5 aircross Hybrid SUV: 100% charge (55km) in 2 hours on 7.4 kW Wall Box **

AMI 100% ëlectric: 100% charge in 3 hours on standard socket

ë-C4 100% ëlectric: 80% recharge in 30 minutes on a supercharger *

ë-SpaceTourer 100% ëlectric: 80% recharge in 30 minutes on a supercharger *

ë-Berlingo Van 100% ëlectric: 80% recharge in 30 minutes on a supercharger *

ë-Jumpy 100% ëlectric: 80% recharge in 30 minutes on a supercharger *

ë-Jumper 100% ëlectric: 80% recharge in 30 minutes on a supercharger **


* Charging time on a 100 kW terminal ** Charging time on a 50 kW terminal 

Is there a charging standard? 

Citroën electric and hybrid vehicles are compatible with the European standard and therefore compatible with all terminals in Europe.


Citroën 100% electric vehicles (excluding Citroën AMI) are standard compatible with 50kW fast charging on terminal for ë-Jumper and 100 kW for other vehicles in the range. 

How do I have a charging station installed at my place? 

Citroën has chosen 2 partners to support you in installing your charging solution:

● in collective housing with Zeplug,

● at home or in business with ZEborne. 


For even more simplicity and ease, we take care of you from A to Z and everything is handled at your dealership. Once your needs have been determined and the quote accepted, the installer orders the equipment directly. Your adviser is also at your disposal throughout the process and monitors the correct completion of the installation.


Thanks to the European Directive of 19 June 2018, you can request the installation of a charging solution in your condominium parking space or at the office, just like in a single-family home. 

Can I charge my electric vehicle using a conventional outlet? 

You can charge your vehicle on a conventional domestic socket, with a specific cable designed for this use. On a 100% electric vehicle (excluding AMI) it is mainly a breakdown charge because the recharging times are very long with this type of connection.


If you want faster recharging, opt for the installation of a reinforced outlet or a Wall box. 

Is it possible to charge my electric vehicle in a public car park? 

If the car park is equipped with charging stations, payment will be made according to the pricing conditions set by the car park manager. 

Which cable to use? 

Some cables are supplied as standard equipment and others are specific equipment available to order as an accessory.

Each charge has its own cable.


100% electric and hybrid vehicles:

● Standard mode 2 cable: for use on a household outlet.

● Reinforced mode 2 cable: for use on a reinforced socket.

● Single-phase mode 3 cable: for use on a 7.4 kW Wall Box or public terminal. On C5 Aircross Hybrid, the 7.4 kW on-board charger must be taken as an option when purchasing the vehicle.


100% electric vehicles:

● Three-phase mode 3 cable: for use on a three-phase Wall Box or public terminal. The 11 kW on-board charger must be taken as an option when purchasing the vehicle. 

Can I program the charging of my electric vehicle? 

You can start a charge, program deferred charging and pre-conditioning of the passenger compartment, all from the comfort of your sofa from the My Citroën app. 

Are there specific insurance contracts for electric vehicles? 

Indeed, with some insurers owning an electric vehicle can represent reductions of up to 30% on your contract. 

How do I create my My Citroën account? 

Creating your My Citroën account is child’s play. First, download the app on App Store or Play Store, depending on your equipment.


To register easily, bring your registration card. To pair your vehicle with the app and take advantage of all the features, you will need to enter your vehicle's VIN number and current mileage. 


The VIN number (chassis number), comprising 17 alphanumeric characters can be found in section E of your registration certificate. Your mileage is displayed on your instrument panel.


With this information entered, the entire digital ecosystem of your Citroën and all the connected services are at your fingertips.

How to maintain your 100% electric vehicle? 

The maintenance of an electric vehicle is very simplified, it is a real asset:

● Less frequent maintenance than on a combustion engine vehicle,

● No oil change, replacement of oil filters, clutch or exhaust check,

● Less frequent visit to the workshop: approximately every 2 years or 25,000 km,

● A systematic diagnosis is carried out by the authorized Citroën network each time the vehicle is serviced. 

What is the warranty period of the battery? 

Whether it is a 100% electric vehicle (excluding AMI) or a plug-in hybrid, Citroën commits to a traction battery warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km at the 1st expiry, for a minimum charge of 70% of its capacity.


On AMI the warranty is 3 years or 40,000 km.


The starter battery (12 Volt) is guaranteed like the rest of the vehicle. 

How is the battery checked? 

The battery is diagnosed at each visit to the workshop.


For a 100% electric vehicle, the customer can request a "battery capacity certificate" each time his vehicle is serviced if he has a service contract including maintenance. 

Can I test my battery? How do you know if it is in good condition? 

You cannot test the battery yourself. A diagnostic tool is needed which will read the fault codes and allow their analysis.


A systematic diagnosis is carried out by the authorized Citroën network during each vehicle service.


For a 100% electric vehicle, the customer can request a "battery capacity certificate" each time his vehicle is serviced if he has a service contract including maintenance. 

What to do in the event of a battery failure? 

Your handset provides you with all the information on your battery level and you have a 30 km alert for 100% electric vehicles. In the event of a battery failure, roadside assistance is included in Citroën offers and will pick you up in less than 40 minutes on average.


Attention, do not confuse "battery failure" and energy failure ":

● Battery failure:

         ø 70% of the battery capacity is guaranteed,

         ø Assistance * for 8 years or over 160,000 km for at least 70% of its load capacity,

         ø Average intervention in 40 minutes.

● Power failure:

         ø Free assistance is included in service contracts and towing to the nearest terminal,

         ø You have an alert 30km before the failure,

         ø Average intervention in 40 minutes.


* For Citroën Ami: 3 years or 40,000 km 

What should I do when, occasionally, my vehicle is not suitable for my trip? 

Occasionally need greater autonomy?

Citroën allows you to hire a vehicle at an advantageous rate. By subscribing to the Mobility Pass option of your financing contract, enjoy a double advantage:

● A bonus of 30% offered, available immediately, ie, for 18 € / month paid, the equivalent of 25 € / month credited to your account to be used for your rentals.

● 20% reduction on the rental of a vehicle in the agencies of the Free2Move network.

Easy access via the My Citroën app.


I wish to travel outside European borders?

A "universal charger" is available as an Accessory, making it possible to recharge anywhere, regardless of local electrical standards (three-phase cable fitted with a multifunction charging box and connectors suitable for the electrical outlets used in the country in question. 

Is my electric or hybrid vehicle subject to technical inspection? 

Yes, I am subject to technical control in the 4th year for a new vehicle, then every 2 years, as for combustion vehicles. 

What happens to batteries at the end of their life? 

The STELLANTIS group has set up a process for collecting and recycling batteries from electric vehicles and hybrids in all points of sale in Europe, in partnership with recognized European recyclers.


The European Directive imposes a recycling efficiency of 50% per month (relative to the mass of the battery).


STELLANTIS, through its partner recyclers, ensures recycling efficiency of at least 70%.